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Registration will open on July 4th 2023, 8pm

By then you will find here a link to register
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"Hoping for the privilege of being able to gather in moments like this,
when so much of the world is plunged
in darkness and chaos."
Leonard Cohen, 2008
» Your Full Pass includes:

. Warm-Up Milonga Brava, on Thursday
. Welcome Reception, with Portuguese delicacies, on Friday
. All the milongas (with a Cultural Moment, on Saturday afternoon)

. Water, soft cold drinks and fruits during milongas (except on the Warm-Up)
. Café con leche y medialunas, on Saturday late evening
. Farewell Drink, on Sunday.

» Sunday's 'Fiesta de Despedida' is not included in the full pass.
   You can book your place in the registration form.
Every year we gather 'true milonguero hearts' arriving from all over the tango world

Argentina ★ Austria ★ Belarus ★ Belgium ★ Canada ★ Croatia ★ Czech Republic ★ Denmark
Estonia ★ Finland ★ France ★ Germany ★ Georgia ★ Hungary ★ Ireland ★ India ★ Israel ★ Italy ★ Latvia
Lebanon ★ Lithuania ★ Luxembourg ★ Mozambique ★ Norway ★ Poland ★ Portugal ★ Romania ★ Russia ★ Singapore ★ Slovakia
Slovenia ★ South Korea ★ Spain ★ Sweden ★ Switzerland ★ Turkey ★ The Netherlands ★ United States of America ★ United Kingdom
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