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Bem-vindos . Bienvenidos. Welcome

Te Quiero Lisboa! was born from long years dedicated to the promotion of Argentine Tango in Lisbon,
countless trips to dance around the world, many dives into the intense atmosphere of Buenos Aires
and above all, our deep love for tango's culture in all its facets.

Tango Argentino bien abrazado, social y sentido!​

. For four days we share a closed embrace tango, where milongas breathe the 'tango golden age musicality' from excellent DJs.
. Participants have a high level of dance and good positive energy as well - we treasure a social and friendly meeting.

. This is an encuentro for enthusiasts of the Milonguero Codes (which are required to be respected) - such as inviting to dance by “mirada” and “cabeceo”; maintaining a careful and fluid “dance ronda” while dancing, entering or leaving the dance floor; leaving the dance floor during the 'cortina'; changing partner at each tanda and meeting new embraces.
. The experience is enriched by a perfect wooden floor, a professional sound system and a unique venue, with natural light and that allows comfortable circulation around seats.
. The afternoon milongas are 'free sitting', while the evening milongas are 'organized sitting', with leaders, followers and mixed areas. We believe in the magic generated from any of these ways of living the milonga.
. We offer you the ❤ of Lisbon - a beautiful venue in the historic city center. It's very easy and comfortable to arrive and to move around.

. To the intense Tango atmosphere, we always like to add the best of the Portuguese culture, such as the Welcome Reception with fine regional products, a Cultural Moment about the Portuguese feeling of life and the Bar with our traditional food & drinks.
. Your Full Pass gives you access to water, soft drinks and fruits. Drinks and delicacies at the bar are not included in the Full Pass, as we prefer to offer you good quality products at a reasonable price.

. Leaders and followers parity will be provided and no more than 200 participants, to keep it social and intense.

.Feel free to invite and share the event's news with your milonguero friends, whom you would like to share your embrace with. Join and invite them to the Facebook Group and Instagram.
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