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Dinner | Music | Dance | Tangos y Otras Locuras!
21:00 > 00:30 on The Venue
with DJ Luis Alberto Rojas . Argentina
On the event's registration form, you'll be able to make your reservation.

[Fiesta de Despedida costs 25€ .  It's not included in the full pass and reservation is required]
It will not be possible to come later on during the Fiesta, without reservation.
08-TQL_VII_Despedida24-11-19 005.jpg
08-TQL_VII_Despedida24-11-19 009.jpg
08-TQL_VII_Despedida24-11-19 539.jpg
08-TQL_VII_Despedida24-11-19 563.jpg
08-TQL_VII_Despedida24-11-19 456.jpg
08-TQL_VII_Despedida24-11-19 619.jpg
08-TQL_VII_Despedida24-11-19 552.jpg
08-TQL_VII_Despedida24-11-19 550.jpg
08-TQL_VII_Despedida24-11-19 062.jpg
08-TQL_VII_Despedida24-11-19 478.jpg
08-TQL_VII_Despedida24-11-19 506.jpg
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